Charlie and Mac, making Irish Baseball history!

Back in October, we got word that Charlie Day had worn an Irish National Baseball Team T-shirt during the filming of an upcoming episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” We were excited and our anticipation grew when we received photos from the set of the popular TV show. The story we heard was that the shirt was going to be worn during the St. Patrick’s Day episode, which made a ton of sense to us, because an Irish Baseball T-shirt is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day… but, that wasn’t exactly how this saga was about to go down.

Charlie Kelly (played by Charlie Day) wears an Irish National Baseball Team T-shirt on the TV show, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

We are well aware of Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney’s affinity for Ireland. They’ve been spotted throughout Ireland and we figured the subject of Irish Baseball and the Irish National Baseball Team must’ve come up at some point. Charlie, in case you didn’t know, was an avid baseball player and he played shortstop on his college baseball team. You can see some of his skills in the behind-the-scenes clip from the infamous Wade Boggs episode of Always Sunny:

But now, the episode has aired and we can say with full confidence that CHARLIE DAY IS THE MOST FAMOUS IRISH BASEBALL FAN IN THE WORLD! Here’s the video proof:

The episode is titled, “Old Lady House.” The specifics of the episode’s plot aren’t important – we love Always Sunny, but we realize it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. What is important is that Charlie wore the shirt (proudly, we’d like to assume) for the first half of the show. We couldn’t be more happy about that!

By the way, you can buy your own Irish National Baseball Team T-shirt on Amazon. It is great for any baseball fan, Irish-American or not, and it is the perfect T-shirt for St. Patrick’s Day or Halloween (if you’re dressing up as Charlie Day!).

Another clip because, why not?