It’s Day 3 of “30 Days of Irish Baseball!” We started this adventure by examining the origins of the Irish National Baseball Team and the team’s preparations for Ireland’s first international tournament in 1996. In today’s installment, we travel across the Atlantic to New York City – 18 West 33rd Street, across from the Empire State Building, to be exact.

Sean Casey and Foley’s NY owner Shaun Clancy

Foley’s NY – Home of the Irish-American Baseball Hall of Fame

The Irish-American Baseball Hall of Fame is located inside Foley’s NY. If you’ve ever been to Foley’s, you know that on any given day you may rub elbows with an MLB umpire, a sportswriter, or even a former or current major league player or coach. Owner Shaun Clancy is extremely proud of his Irish roots and he has been shining a light on the contributions to professional baseball made by Irish-Americans since 2008:

The Irish American Baseball Hall of Fame recognizes players, managers, executives, journalists, and entertainers of Irish descent who have significantly and positively impacted the game of baseball.

Shaun Clancy, an amateur baseball historian, created the Irish American Baseball Hall of Fame after learning about the game’s rich heritage of players of Irish descent. This legacy, which dates back to the sport’s infancy, has been overshadowed in recent years by other ethnicities. Shaun decided to celebrate his roots and those who helped make the game great by creating a shrine to Irish Americans in baseball in 2008.

Members of the IABHOF include Sean Casey, Nolan Ryan, and Steve Garvey, among many others. Check out this clip from the 2011 induction ceremony:

Shaun Clancy has always been a big supporter of Irish Baseball and the Baseball United Foundation. And for that, we say THANK YOU!