The Irish Junior National Baseball Team

The Irish Junior National Baseball Team roster includes players from County Meath and County Wicklow in Ireland, as well as players from New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, California, and New Hampshire. All players are Irish citizens. The team will be competing in the 2017 18U European Championship Qualifiers in Zurich, Switzerland this summer. The tournament takes place the week of July 10-15.

Player Profile: Conor Nicholson

Conor Nicholson is a 3B/SS/P from Stamford, CT. Conor plays baseball for Regis High School in NYC.

IRISH CITIZENSHIP: Conor’s grandparents — Michael and Gertie Nicholson — are from Sligo.

FAST FACTS: Conor’s younger brother, Liam, is also on the Irish Junior National Baseball Team… Conor’s favorite MLB team is the New York Yankees and his favorite player is Derek Jeter… Conor last visited Ireland in 2007.

MAKE A DONATION: The Irish Junior National Team is raising money for their trip to the European Championships in Zurich, Switzerland. A donation of $10 or more is greatly appreciated! All donations are processed by The Baseball United Foundation, a 501c3 charitable organization based in New York. Donations tax-deductible.